Releasable clamp with fin clip base and variable panel thickness.

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UL94:   V2  
Measures expressed in: Millimeters

Hole size
Panel thickness
00101100058 4,75 1,00 to 8,00 9,53 8,74 14,27 4,75  
00101100059 4,75 1,00 to 8,00 12,70 8,74 14,27 4,75  
00101100063 6,35 1,00 to 8,00 12,70 8,74 14,27 4,75  
00101100060 6,35 1,00 to 8,00 25,40 8,74 15,88 9,53  

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This hose clamp is almost identical to the ones of our groups MA and MAZ but with a fin clip base for fixing in a 4.75 mm hole. Installation tools for large series are available, see our groups MHAN and MHANZ (2 pneumatic models).   Our double grip hose clamp features a double tooth interlocking jaw for exceptional strength. The hose clamps are easy and quick to install. An overlapping tapered ring is fastened around the hose or tubing and secured to the required tightness by compressing the double griping interacting grooves in a ratcheting fashion, creating a tight sealing application. Clamps have good chemical resistance and are tough, corrosion resistant and resilient. Clamps can be removed by separating the clamping halves in perpendicular direction at the seal. Clamps can be used in the following fields of application: electrical, electronic, R.V., boating and automotive.  

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