Our adjustable foot has been designed to be at the same time a tube insert as well as an adjustable height. Also available for square tubes: LJL or LJLAA or LJLA or LJLC, round tubes: LJLR, for rectangular tubes: LJLZ or SLJLZ or LJLBZ, and for triangular tubes: LJLD.
 RAL colors manufactured 

Drawing PDF:  
Measures expressed in: Millimeters

For Tube (BxD)
Tube Thickness (G)
b x d
l x h
00300400503 50 x 30 1,50 to 2,00 5,00 47,30 x 27,00 20,00 25,00 x 5,00 28,00 M20  
00300400504 60 x 30 2,00 to 3,00 9,00 57,00 x 27,00 18,50 20,00 x 5,00 27,00 Tr20  

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Our ribbed insert for oval tubes has a metal nut inserted during the injection process. It is also available for square tubes: JTPO, rectangular tubes: LJZ, round tubes: LJRL, and triangle tubes: LJZZ.   LL leveller with hexagonal base made in <b>LDPE material</b> (low density polyethylene), material with <i>excellent thermal and chemical resistance</i>.
* Possibility of special manufacturing (consult us prevously)
* <i><b>RAL Colors</b></i>.
* <i><b>Stud</b> in <b>stainless steel</b>.</i>
* <i><b>Special measures</b>.</i>   Our adjustable foot with hexagonal base has a groove in the base that allows fastening with an allen key (spanner).   Our adjustable foot has an hexagonal base.   It is available in LDPE or PA6, depending on the reference. With the ones manufactured in PELD the felt is overinjected, and with the ones in PA6 the felt is assembled after the injection process. It is also available without felt, see our family LL.  

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